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The wedding planning course for couples who want to have an amazing wedding... without a wedding planner



Let's be honest 🙄

Some people in the wedding industry want you to believe you absolutely can't plan your own wedding. They'll share horror stories and use the hashtag #diyfail as evidence of what will happen if you try to plan your own wedding.

But that's crazy talk. Everyone who wants to plan their own wedding should be able to and have it be a completely amazing experience. After all, we're talking about throwing a party with your closest family & friends... not brain surgery here!

Let's be more honest 😊

Even still, planning your own wedding can be downright confusing - especially if you're planning it on a tight budget. What are placecards, escort cards & seating charts? Do you even need them? How much alcohol should you purchase? How many tables do you need, and what size tablecloths do they take? It's enough to make anyone's head spin!

So how can you go from being confused to pulling off a beautiful, fun & amazing wedding - all without a wedding planner?


Here's what you could do...

  • Scourer the internet for tips & tricks and hope whoever shared them knows what they are talking about
  • Ask your friends a gazillion questions until all your conversations revolve around wedding planning
  • Talk to your mom while also explaining how weddings have changed in the last 20 years and people don't really have receiving lines at weddings anymore
  • Wing it - a totally respectable & bold move, but a bit risky for one of the best days of your life

OR... You could use Feel the Wedding Day Love

The proven & step-by-step course for having an AMAZING wedding (all the while keeping your bank account & sanity in tact)

"Truly, every single one of my vendors praised my organization and preparation, and even now I can't really believe I pulled off such a smooth and fantastic wedding with no planner or coordinator."

- Diana, married June 2017 after using Feel the Wedding Day Love


How It Works


  • Learn all the steps to wedding planning in an easy-to-follow & time-saving format
  • Follow the steps on your own or do them with your partner, a parent, or friend


  • Join the monthy wedding planning phone calls
  • Get all your questions answered & tried-and-true advice


  • Be totally organized & ready to go for your wedding day
  • Feel confident knowing that you've covered every small detail
  • On your wedding day, hear over and over again, "This is the BEST wedding we've ever been to!"

Hi, I'm Caitlin!

For the last three years I was a wedding coordinator for DIY weddings, and I've documented my entire process for covering all the details & avoiding mishaps for budget-friendly weddings.

I know what it's like to feel confused... and at times, overwhelmed... when planning your own wedding. In 2013 before I started coordinating weddings, my now DH and I planned our own summer camp wedding. Truthfully, at the time, I thought wedding planners were 1) a complete waste of money and 2) would never understand our laidback, budget-friendly vision.

However, despite my all my effort to avoid wedding planning mishaps, they were happening left & right.

First, I ordered too many invitations - turns out you only need 1 per a household, not per a person.

Then my husband ordered too much alcohol follwing the advice of an online booze calculator - of course those calculators, which are made by liquor stores, inflate the numbers!

Conversely, I didn't order enough sides for our dinner buffet even though the caterer told me it would be plenty.

Oh, there was that time I had to switch all our guests' hotel reservations to another hotel because the first hotel had a bed bug infestation (which one of our guests kindly notified us about). Ewww...

By the time our wedding rolled around, I realized there was a lot of practical wedding planning information that wasn't available online, in books, or by asking friends.

So as someone who always routes for the underdog, I decided to become a wedding coordinator and learn everything I wish I had known about planning a budget-friendly wedding so I could share it with other couples having similar weddings.

In three years, I helped couples plan and execute over 30 budget-friendly weddings. In that time, I learned how to avoid hundreds of problems before they happen. And thanks to the kind reviews of my many clients, my DIY coordination business won the Couples' Choice Award in both 2015 & 2016. You could say I dove into the crazy, wonderful world of weddings and lived to tell the tale!

And this where YOU come in...

I created the step-by-step, comprehensive wedding planning course Feel the Wedding Day Love for you. I want you to have the best day of your life. EVERY couple getting married deserves that.

"THE DIY WEDDING WHISPERER" - Seven Days Newspaper

Featured wedding expert for Bustle, DIY Weddings Magazine, The Budget Savvy Bride & So Kind Registry



You can absolutely have an amazing wedding without a wedding planner.


Feel the Wedding Day Love Works For

  • Couples who are planning their own wedding
  • Couples who want an awesome wedding & know that hiring expensive limousines is definitely not necessary for an awesome party
  • Couples who want to be thorough in their planning but don't want this wedding planning thing to take over their lives
  • Couples who want their family & friends to have fun at their wedding (not work or be stressed during it)
  • Couples who want a relaxed, love-filled wedding day because isn't experiencing all the joy, love & bliss on your wedding day what this whole wedding thing is about?

"Caitlin made me feel at ease and empowered in the wedding planning process. She was so organized, empathetic, and forward-thinking, and she made us feel so comfortable going into our wedding." - Sarah

"My husband and I were lucky enough to find this after realizing our DIY camp-style weekend wedding was a bigger task than we had accounted for." - Anneka


What's Included?

Part 1: The Wedding Planning Resource Library

The first part is the Wedding Planning Resource Library, which is particularly helpful if you're just starting out and still booking vendors.

It provides you with a road map for planning, proven ways to find affordable venues & vendors, information on how to figure out your budget & stick to it, a comprehensive guest list template that will help you throughout the entire planning process, and lots of helpful references for figuring out things like how much alcohol you need & what sized tablecloths to get.

Part 2: Feel the Wedding Day Love video lessons (a.k.a. the magic sauce)

The video lessons are what makes this wedding planning tool so unique - it's the step-by-step process of coordinating your wedding.

Most people know about "planning" a wedding (i.e., finding a venue, booking vendors, getting a dress, etc.), but most people don't know that after you make all those big wedding decisions, there are tons of small details to figure out & organize to make sure everything goes smoothly. THAT is what this part of the course is - the step-by-step process of how to pull it all together. It's what makes sure a budget-friendly wedding is fun for everyone - especially you!

In both parts, there are super detailed checklists & templates to help you every step of the way.

Video Lessons

"Whenever I had a question I could look in the Wedding Planning Resource Library and find just the answer I needed. For example, I took the Wedding Venues chapter to all my venue visits and it helped me know exactly what questions were important to ask. Resources like this are so much more helpful than what you'll find in a wedding magazine!" - Kelsa

"It was refreshing to see all the advice was tailored just for my unique needs. So much out there is for mainstream weddings and geared towards higher budgets and 'onbeat' ways of doing things. In fact, I found 2 of my offbeat vendors for a killer deal with the tips, and saved around $2,000 on each." - Jessica

"There were so many important details I would have completely forgot or overlooked if it wasn't for Caitlin and her knowledge of planning a DIY wedding." - Karah

"With so many options in the wedding industry today, to me it’s all about vendors that you are comfortable with, understand your vision, fit your budget and let you plan your wedding how you see it, whether that’s lots of frills or no frills at all. This is where Caitlin steps in and is exceptional and unique." - Somerby, Owner, Somerby Jones Photography



Feel the Wedding Day Love provides you with hundreds of dollars worth of information that would normally be covered when working one-on-one with a wedding planner or wedding coordinator. And you can access it ALL for just...

Was $347

Now Only $99

"It's so worth it! Julie, my fiancee, can't stop talking about how much value there is!" - Andi commenting on the price at when Feel the Wedding Day Love was $347

No Regrets Guarantee

Couples who use Feel the Wedding Day Love enjoy their wedding day more. Period.

If you do not think your wedding was better because of Feel the Wedding Day Love, then get a 100% refund. That's a promise.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I find the same information online for free?
No, this is different than what you'll find on blogs, Pinterest, in Facebook groups, etc.
How do I know that Feel the Wedding Day Love will work?
This is the exact, step-by-step process I used with real life, wedding coordination clients. You can read the 31 WeddingWire reviews & see the 5-star rating for my wedding coordination business, DIY Wedding Mentor, here: https://www.weddingwire.com/biz/diy-wedding-mentor-waterbury/a99b317aea8469ee.html
When will I get access to Feel the Wedding Day Love ?
As soon as you enroll, you will receive access to all the wedding planning materials and some great bonuses, too!
How long do I have access?
You will have access to the materials from when you enroll until your wedding.
When is the best time to enroll?
It's ideal to enroll as soon as you begin wedding planning. If you're already far along in your planning, it's best to start this course no later than 3 months before your wedding. If you're less than 3 months away from your wedding, email me after you enroll and I will tell you specifically what to focus on.
Will this help if I already have a day-of coordinator or point person?
Yes, you'll create a one-of-a-kind wedding day plan that you'll hand over to your day-of coordinator or point person so that they know exactly what to do.
What if I don't have a day-of coordinator or point person?
If you don't have a day-of coordinator that's totally OK. I'll walk you through some alternative & free options.
Do I need this if I have event planning experience?
If you haven't planned weddings before, then yes. I had event planning experience before planning my own wedding, too, but planning other types of events is very different than planning a wedding.
How does the cost compare to wedding coordination services?
When I was wedding coordinating, my charge was $1,875-$2,175. About half of that covered the one-on-one consults before the wedding, which is what this course shows you.
Can I hire you for day-of coordination?
Sorry, no. I want to help as many couples as I can, so I have stopped taking one-on-one clients to focus on helping more couples with this course.
I own a venue, caterering, or photography company. Can the couples I'm working with use Feel the Wedding Day Love?
Yes, it's perfect for vendors looking to help clients who don't have wedding planners, venue coordinators, etc.
Have another question?
Just email me at feeltheweddingdaylove@gmail.com. I'm happy to help!

Do you want to have the most AMAZING day of your life?

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