Feel the Wedding Day Love

Helping you cover all the details, so you can focus on what matters most - love.


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You're planning your own wedding!

But maybe you're wondering...

How can make sure details don't slip through the cracks?

How can we make sure everything falls into place?

How can we make sure we actually get to enjoy our wedding day?

And you know figuring out these things before your wedding is essential.


You're in the right place if you want...

A fun wedding spending quality time with your family & friends

A wedding that you can enjoy without all the fuss

A meaningful wedding that reflects you & your partner

A beautiful wedding with thoughtful, personal touches and nothing over-the-top

Sound like you?

"Caitlin made me feel at ease and empowered in the wedding planning process. She was so organized, empathetic, and forward-thinking, and she made us feel so comfortable going into our wedding." Sarah & Sam, 9/10/2016


Feel the Wedding Day Love

shows you step by step how to create a wedding day plan that will work. It covers all the details so you, your family, & your friends can truly enjoy your wedding day.

No chaos. No stress. Just love.

"If we could do it all over again we wouldn't have changed a single thing!" Dakota & Andy 10/15/2016



Waking up the morning of your wedding without worrying about any last-minute to-do's

Laughing and smiling as you get ready because you're focused on the quality time you're spending with loved ones

Being fully present when you see your partner for the first time

Having so much fun during the reception because everything is going smoothly behind the scenes

Dancing the night away surrounded by everyone you love


I've documented my entire process for creating wedding day plans that work & cover all the details. Now I'm giving it to you :)

Four years ago, I planned my own wedding, and thought there must be an easier way for couples planning their own weddings.

Three years ago, I founded DIY Wedding Mentor to help couples planning their own weddings, and became a professional wedding coordinator.

Through trial & error, I developed an easy-to-follow process that helps couples make wedding day plans that work.

Feel the Wedding Day Love is our proven 4-step process for creating wedding day plans that work, and cover all the details. Now you can use it, too.

Feel the Wedding Day Love includes 4 easy-to-follow, in-depth steps, each with:

Videos that cleary explain each step for creating your wedding day plan

Checklists that show you exactly what to do & in what order

Templates & spreadsheets to customize and use as your own

Support so you can ask questions & get answers when you need them


You'll walk away with a complete wedding day plan that is 100% customized and will work for your unique wedding.

Step 1: Getting Your Wedding Day Plan Tools in Place

You'll know...

  • How to choose the best day-of point person or people for your wedding (even if you don't have the budget for a wedding coordinator)
  • What documents and spreadsheets to get into place right now no matter where you are in your planning
  • The exact tools & resources that will help you make a wedding day plan like a professional wedding coordinator

Step 2: Knowing All the Logistical Details That Matter

You'll know...

  • The many small logistical details that people miss when planning a wedding for the first time
  • What questions to ask your vendors & the answers to listen for so that details don't slip throught the cracks
  • What details actually matter (for example, the longest food service should take before guests get hangry), and those that you can skip if you want to save time & money (for example, having ceremony programs)

Step 3: Organizing All the Details

You'll know...

  • How to create a wedding day timeline that will work (a professional wedding day timeline is a lot different than you'll find anywhere online)
  • The exact spreadsheets and documents to create for your vendors and helpers (as well as our plug-and-play templates)
  • How to organize your wedding day plan for each specific vendor and helper

Step 4: Communicating All the Details

You'll know...

  • The most common mistakes people make when communicating about wedding details that causes them to slip through the cracks
  • The best way to bring people up to speed on the large & small details
  • Exactly what you need to do to ensure everyone is 100% ready to go with your wedding day plan

"She was so organized and helpful during the planning process. There were so many important details I would have completely forgot or overlooked if it wasn't for Caitlin and her knowledge of planning a DIY wedding... Caitlin is more than a wedding planner, she truly cares about the couple and making their wedding day special." - Karah & Sam, 9/17/16


Get These Helpful Bonuses, Too!

Bonus #1: The Wedding Planning Resource Library ($30 value)

The Wedding Planning Resource Library includes planning advice as well as tips & tricks for couples who are planning their own own weddings. It will help you make the big wedding planning decisions now, so if you're not quite ready to start making your wedding day plan, you soon will be.

"It was refreshing to see all the advice was tailored just for my unique needs. So much out there is for mainstream weddings and geared towards higher budgets and 'onbeat' ways of doing things. In fact, I found 2 of my offbeat vendors for a killer deal with the tips, and saved around $2,000 on each." - Jessica


Bonus #2: Access to All My Past Wedding Planning Webinars

All our past recorded webinars and slide decks will be available to you, so you can watch, listen, or read any that would be helpful for your planning. There are 7 webinar topics in total, and include expert advice for couples planning their own weddings.

"So helpful, thank you so much. Makes me feel so much better."

"My husband and I were lucky enough to find them after realizing our DIY camp-style weekend wedding was a bigger task than we had accounted for. I immediately loved Caitlin’s energy and knew from speaking to her that she had experience with weekend DIY weddings" - Anneka & Dan, 06/06/15


Bonus #3: Wedding Ceremony & Rehearsal Templates ($30 value)

Use the 4-page Wedding Ceremony Template to write a custom ceremony for your wedding. Then use the 2-page Wedding Rehearsal Template to make sure your ceremony goes smoothly (because that really is the most important part of the whole day).

"My fiance and I have followed the ceremony template to a T, and its been so useful for us because we are not having a religious ceremony and weren't sure where to start." - Emily


Couples Feel the Wedding Day Love Does Works For

Couples who want an amazing wedding but don't want to go broke in the process

Couples who want to make sure that they, their family, and their friends all get to enjoy the day

Couples who do have not have a wedding planner and need to bring all the details of their wedding together

Couples who have a lot of details to figure out (for example, you're getting married at a non-traditional venue like a barn, backyard, non-profit, etc., or are having a casual caterer like BBQ, food trucks, pizza oven, etc.)

Couples Feel the Wedding Day Love Doesn't Work For

Couples who are more focused on how their wedding looks than it feels

Couples who want everything to be perfect no matter the cost or toll it takes on others

Couples who are OK risking all of their hard work planning by winging it


What Makes Me Different Than a Wedding Planner?

I help make sure you've covered all the details so your wedding day is chaos and stress free. But it's your vision. Your ideas. Your own wedding. Oh, and Feel the Wedding Day Love is a fraction of the cost, so it's affordable :)

Hi, I'm Caitlin!

In 2013, I planned my own laidback summer camp wedding. On the day of the wedding, there was no planner, no coordinator.

Our wedding was beautiful. It was meaningful. It was homegrown & heartfelt. But, I'll tell you, it wasn't easy, and it wasn't as relaxed (as I know now) it could have been.

But just as it was, the whole experience made me a big believer that planning your own wedding is a totally worthy endeavor. There's nothing like looking around your wedding, and seeing all the love you and your partner brought together in one place.

And I became a wedding coordinator to support other couples planning their own weddings. Call me corny, but I really believe these love-filled and community-focused weddings make the world a better place.

The goal of my work is to make sure that all couples have a wedding day plan that will work, so you - and everyone around you - can relax, have fun, and soak up all the love and happiness on your wedding day.


Feel the Wedding Day Love Planning Packages

100% Happiness Guarantee

We know couples who use Feel the Wedding Day Love have more enjoyable wedding day experiences.

If you create a wedding day plan and you do not think your wedding was better because of it, then we will absolutely provide you with a refund. We ask that you submit your wedding day plan when requesting a refund. Once you submit your request and we confirm that you completed your plan, then we will issue you a 100% refund.


Where You Can See Our Work

5-star rating on both WeddingWire & The Knot

WeddingWire Couples' Choice Award in 2016 & 2017

Our work has also appeared on HuffPost Weddings, Fashionista, Bustle, & BridalPulse



Wondering What You'll Have Access to Right Away When You Enroll?

While you wait for Feel the Wedding Day Love to kick off on February 13, dive into our Wedding Planning Resource Library no matter where you are at in your planning.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access?
Lifetime access sound OK? After enrolling, you can access the materials across any and all devices you own, and save most of the materials (including everything in the Wedding Planning Resource Library to your very own device).
What if I have event planning experience? Will this help me?
Yes, this process will help. It's great that you have event planning experience (that definitely puts you ahead of the learning curve!). But if you haven't planned weddings before, it's impossible to know the details that are important specifically to weddings. I had event planning experience before planning my own wedding, too, but realized planning corporate events and fundraisers are definitely different than planning a wedding.
Will I be on my own?
Feel the Wedding Day Love is designed to be self-guided, and you can choose the level of support that would be most helpful for you.
How much time will this take?
Depending on where you are in your planning, it will take between 15-30 hours to create your wedding day plan. Though it sounds like a lot, it ends up being a small fraction of your total wedding planning time. Most people spend between 200-500 hours planning their wedding, and this process really helps speed it up.
Is this a cookie cutter wedding day plan?
No, you'll walk away with a completely unique wedding day plan for your specific wedding.
What if it's early in my planning?
You'll also receive immediate access to the Wedding Planning Resource Library that will guide you through the entire wedding planning process up until creating your wedding day plan. It will help you will create a budget, find a venue, find and hire vendors, etc. You'll have lifetime access to all the content, so you can start creating your wedding day plan whenever you're ready.
What if I don't have a day-of coordinator or point person?
There are several ways you can execute your wedding day plan, so if you don't have a person lined up, we'll show you a number of (affordable and free) alternatives to choose from.
What if I have a day-of coordinator?
If you're unsure if this system will work with you coordinator's approach, check with her or him first. You can also email us to see if we think our approach will complement your day-of coordinator's well.
Can't I find the same information online for free?
Sure, you can find some of it online. That’s where I started learning about weddings. But a lot of it I learned from experience and trial-and-error. What is definitely not part of free online resources (even my own) is the step-by-step organization and full coverage of the smaller logistical details that are important to keeping a relaxed vibe on your wedding day. Identifying and organizing them into a complete wedding day plan is a unique process for each wedding.
What if it's late in my planning?
If you've made all your big wedding planning decisions, you can dive right into creating your wedding day plan on February 13.
I'm engaged but haven't started planning. Can I enroll at a later day?
Because I coordinate weddings where I live (in Vermont) from May - October, those are my main focus then. It's possible Feel the Wedding Day Love will be available again in several months, but it's tough to tell at this time until I've run Feel the Wedding Day Lovea few times and know how it fits into my wedding schedule. However, once you purchase you'll have lifetime access, so feel free start whenever the time is right for you.
When will I get access to Feel the Wedding Day Love ?
As soon as you enroll, you will receive access to the Wedding Planning Resource Library. On February 13, we'll start sending out the videos for each step of creating your wedding day plan. You'll receive one step a week for four weeks.
How do you know Feel the Wedding Day Love works?
This is the exact, step-by-step process we use with our wedding coordination clients. The only difference between Feel the Wedding Day Love and our wedding coordination services is that we will not be there on the day of your wedding to execute your wedding day plan. But we will show you who you can hand it off to if you do not have a wedding coordinator.
How does the cost compare to your in-person services?
The Feel the Wedding Day Love pricing starts at $197 right now. My in-person wedding coordination services start at $1,875.
What's the risk?
Feel the Wedding Day Love has a 100% Happiness Guarantee. If you use the system and do not feel like your wedding is happier because of it, then we'll provide a 100% refund. We ask that you submit your full wedding day plan if requesting a refund. Once you submit your wedding day plan and we confirm that you used the materials as instructed, then we will issue you 100% refund.
Have another question?
Just email us at info@diyweddingmentor.com. We're happy to help!


Ready to cover all the details, so you can focus on what really matters?

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