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The Complete, Step-by-Step Wedding Planning Program for Couples Who Want to Enjoy Their Wedding Day


No planner? No problem!

"Truly, every single one of my vendors praised my organization and preparation, and even now I can't really believe I pulled off such a smooth and fantastic wedding with no planner or coordinator." - Diana & Robbie, Married June 2017


You can absolutely plan your own wedding.

It's so much easier, quicker, & less costly when you combine your vision with the experience of a wedding coordinator who can show you the ropes. Like buying a house or working on a car... everything goes much more smoothly when someone shows you exactly what to do.


No chaos, no stress, no fuss. Just love.

Feel the Wedding Day Love is the step-by-step wedding planning program for couples planning their own weddings. It shows you how to plan an incredibly smooth wedding day just like a wedding planner would - so you can actually enjoy your wedding day!


The Benefits of Feel the Wedding Day Love

  • IT'S ONLINE, so you can plan on your own time & in your own way (while wearing cozy slippers on the couch or commuting to work)
  • IT HELPS YOU SAVE MONEY by showing you insider budget-stretching tips and how to to avoid expensive first-time mistakes (which means you can put some money back in the bank or use it to splurge on something special for your wedding)
  • IT'S STEP-BY-STEP, so you never have to waste time figuring out what to do next or searching for information you need (which means you don't have to spend all your free time wedding planning)
  • IT'S INTERACTIVE with videos and group wedding planning phone calls, so there's always help nearby when you need it
  • IT'S SELF-PACED, so wherever you are in your wedding planning, you can dive right in and get help immediately

"There were so many important details I would have completely forgot or overlooked if it wasn't for Caitlin and her knowledge of planning a DIY wedding." - Karah & Sam


How It Works


  • Learn all the steps to planning a wedding in a clear, time-saving, & easy-to-follow format
  • Follow the steps on your own or do them with your partner, a parent, or friend


  • Join the group wedding planning phone calls & get all your questions answered
  • Get tried-and-true ideas and advice from a professional who you can trust


  • Be totally organized and ready to go for your wedding day
  • Feel confident knowing that you've covered every small detail
  • On your wedding day, sit back, relax, and watch your vision unfold

"Caitlin made me feel at ease and empowered in the wedding planning process. She was so organized, empathetic, and forward-thinking, and she made us feel so comfortable going into our wedding." - Sarah & Sam


Who Feel the Wedding Day Love Works For

  • Couples who are planning their own wedding
  • Couples who are wondering about all the details
  • Couples who want to be thorough in their planning
  • Couples who want to enjoy their wedding (not work it)
  • Couples who want a stress-free, love-filled wedding day

"If we could do it all over again we wouldn't have changed a single thing!" - Dakota & Andy



Waking up carefree on your wedding day without last-minute details to worry about

Beaming smiles as you spend true quality time with the people you love

Being fully present with your partner, family, & friends all day

Having so much fun during the reception because everything is going smoothly

Dancing the night away surrounded by everyone you love

That's what your wedding can be like when you plan it with Feel The Wedding Day Love.


Here's How to Plan an Awesome Wedding

I've documented my entire process as wedding coordinator for covering all the details (especially, the small ones). Now you can use it, too. This program takes the guesswork out of planning, so you can have the wedding you want.

Four years ago my husband and I planned our own wedding. There was lots of info online about decor, but no tried and true advice about how to pull the whole wedding off without a planner.

This is me & my husband, Rick, on our wedding day :)

So after our wedding, I became a wedding coordinator to really learn what it takes to plan a smooth, seamless wedding day.

Here are two clients, Phoebe & Ben (plus their dog, Toby!) who had a wedding at a small inn they rented with their close family & friends.

Now, I've helped plan and coordinate over 30 real weddings, and learned what small & large logistical details actually make a big difference on a wedding day.

This is Melissa & Ian who had a seamless weekend-long wedding at Melissa's childhood camp.

I've put everything I know in Feel the Wedding Day Love to help you cover all the small details for your wedding.

This is Adriana & Jamie who successfully mixed professional vendors and DIY to pull off a casual, laidback, & fun farm wedding.

DIY Wedding Mentor is a 5-star wedding coordination service and won the Couples' Choice Award on WeddingWire in both 2016 & 2017. So you can trust that Feel the Wedding Day Love works.

Your Wedding is Unique

For that reason, Feel the Wedding Day Love includes so much more than generic checklists...

Videos that clearly explain each step

Templates & spreadsheets to customize & use as your own

An entire system to organize you, your vendors & helpers

A professional wedding coordinator to help you every step of the way



Customized Wedding Planning.

Traditional resources like wedding planning checklists, books, and magazines are cookie cutter, but your wedding is anything but cookie cutter.

Through videos, downloadable templates, wedding planning calls, and more, Feel the Wedding Day Love helps you connect the dots and make the best decisions for your unique wedding.

Feel the Wedding Day Love is customized, detailed, and creative - just like your wedding.

"My husband and I were lucky enough to find them after realizing our DIY camp-style weekend wedding was a bigger task than we had accounted for. I immediately loved Caitlin’s energy and knew that she had experience with weekend DIY weddings" - Anneka & Dan


Get These Helpful Bonuses, Too!

Bonus #1: The Wedding Planning Resource Library ($97 value)

It contains 200+ pages of helpful general wedding planning info tailored for couples planning their own affordable weddings, so you don't have to spend endless hours searching online. No matter where you are in your planning, just grab the info you need, and keep moving forward in your planning.

"Whenever I had a question I could look in the Wedding Planning Resource Library and find just the answer I needed. For example, I took the Wedding Venues chapter to all my venue visits and it helped me know exactly what questions were important to ask. Resources like this are so much more helpful than what you'll find in a wedding magazine!" - Kelsa


Bonus #2: Recorded Budget-Friendly Wedding Planning Webinars ($50 value)

Isn't it so frustrating when you can only find professional wedding planning advice from big time wedding planners who are out of touch with real-world, budget weddings?

Get advice from budget-friendly wedding experts, so you don't have to sift through advice that's out of touch with your wedding.

"It was refreshing to see all the advice was tailored just for my unique needs. So much out there is for mainstream weddings and geared towards higher budgets and 'onbeat' ways of doing things. In fact, I found 2 of my offbeat vendors for a killer deal with the tips, and saved around $2,000 on each." - Jessica


Bonus #3: Wedding Ceremony & Rehearsal Templates ($50 value)

Do you want a custom wedding ceremomy that reflects the two of you? Are you organizing your own ceremony rehearsal?

Use the Wedding Ceremony Template to write a 100% customized ceremony for your wedding. Then use the Wedding Rehearsal Template to make sure your ceremony & and rehearsal go smoothly. Pssstt... there's also a webinar included "3 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Ceremony" if you want to make your ceremony one-of-a-kind.

"My fiance and I have followed the ceremony template to a T, and its been so useful for us because we are not having a religious ceremony and weren't sure where to start." - Emily

Hi, I'm Caitlin!

In 2013, I planned my own laidback, budget-friendly summer camp wedding. On the day of the wedding, there was no planner, no coordinator.

Our wedding was beautiful. It was meaningful. It was homegrown & heartfelt. But, I'll tell you, it wasn't easy. And it wasn't as relaxed as I know now it could have been. But just as it was, it made me a big believer that planning your own wedding is a totally worthy endeavor.

So I became a wedding coordinator to support other couples planning their own budget-friendly weddings. Whether you have a big wedding budget or not, every couple deserves the experience of soaking up all the love on your wedding day.

Featured wedding expert for Bustle.com, DIY Weddings Magazine, The Budget Savvy Bride, Fashionista, Seven Days NewSpaper, & Green Mountain Weddings Magazine.

"I think with so many options in the wedding industry today, to me it’s all about vendors that you are comfortable with, understand your vision, fit your budget and let you plan your wedding how you see it, whether that’s lots of frills or no frills at all. This is where Caitlin steps in and is exceptional and unique. She is all about her couples seeing their vision through." - Somerby, Owner, Somerby Jones Photography


You'll walk away with a complete plan for a smooth wedding day that is 100% customized for your unique wedding.



Feel the Wedding Day Love provides you with comprehsive profesional wedding planning help at a bugdet-friendly price. Couples who benefit most from the program typically have wedding budgets between $5,000 and $30,000.

Important Note on Pricing

Included for FREE are the group phone calls, Wedding Planning Resource Library, budget-friendly webinars, and ceremony templates. They are included at no additional cost to you because each couple uses these to varying amounts. That way, you only spend money on what's absolutely necessary for your wedding (and nothing more).

"It's so worth it! Julie can't stop talking about how much value there is!" - Andi & Julie

100% Happiness Guarantee

Couples who use Feel the Wedding Day Love enjoy their wedding day more.

If you do not think your wedding was better because of Feel the Wedding Day Love, then we will absolutely provide you with a 100% refund. Just show us you used the program, and we'll issue a refund if you don't think your wedding day was better as a result.


Frequently Asked Questions

I love this service, but it's not in my budget. Any suggestions?
I totally know how you feel because I didn't budget for any wedding planning help when I was planning my own wedding, and couldn't imagine spending an extra nickel on anything that we didn't 100% need like food or plates. Feel the Wedding Day Love actually saves most couples money because couples who use the program don't run into costly, unexpected surprises. And I share my budget-stretching tips throughout the program. Couples who use Feel the Wedding Day Love do a better job of staying in their budget, and some couples even come in under budget! Plus, we have the 100% Happiness Guarantee. If your wedding isn't better because of it, your money will be fully refunded - so there's no risk!
Can't I find the same information online for free?
You can find some of it online. That’s where I started learning about weddings. But most of it I learned from experience and trial-and-error. What is definitely not part of free online resources is the step-by-step organization and full coverage of the smaller logistical details that are important to keeping a relaxed vibe on your wedding day. Identifying and organizing them is a unique process for each wedding, and I teach you exactly how to do that.
What if I have event planning experience? Will this help me?
Yes. It's great that you have event planning experience (that puts you ahead of the learning curve!), but if you haven't planned weddings before, it's impossible to know the small details that are specifically important to weddings. I had event planning experience before planning my own wedding, too, but realized planning corporate events, fundraisers, and other large events are definitely different than planning a wedding.
Is Feel the Wedding Day Love a substitute for a wedding planner?
No, hiring a wedding planner is definitely the easiest route to go. If you have a wedding planner (an experienced, professional with many positive reviews who helps you every step of the way), you do not need this program. If you have a day-of coordinator, this program will be a great supplement to their services (see more on this below). With that said, professional wedding planners and day-of coordinators are out of most couples' budgets. That's why Feel the Wedding Day Love was created - to make professional wedding planning affordable & accessible to all couples no matter their budget.
What if I have a day-of coordinator or someone else helping out as a point person?
If you have a day-of coordinator or someone else helping out as a point person, then Feel the Wedding Day Love will definitely work for you. It will help you cover all the small details and get super organized well in advance of your wedding. That way, when your day-of coordinator or point person steps in to help, it's incredibly easy for her or him to execute your plan.
What if I don't have a day-of coordinator or point person?
My experience has been that it's best to at least have a point person. If you don't have a day-of coordinator that's totally OK. I'll walk you through some alternative, affordable (including free) options, so you can figure out the best point person for your wedding.
How do you know Feel the Wedding Day Love works?
This is the exact, step-by-step process I use with my wedding coordination clients, and have been developing through trial and error for the last three years. It works with different couples, different venues, different vendors, etc. My wedding coordination business, DIY Wedding Mentor, uses this system for every wedding and has a 5-star rating both on WeddingWire and The Knot. I tell you this not to boast, but to let you know Feel the Wedding Day Love is the real deal.
It's still early in my planning. Can I enroll at a later date?
Yes, but one of the most common pieces of feedback we hear is "I wish I did this sooner."
What if it's late in my planning?
The recommended time for beginning Feel the Wedding Day Love is at least 3 months out from your wedding. It's ideal to start as soon as possible, but you can go through the program at a comfortable pace anytime up to 3 months. If your wedding is closer than 3 months, you can go through the program quicker, but you'll want to plan to spend as much time as possible pulling your wedding day plan together.
Will I be on my own?
Feel the Wedding Day Love is designed to make sure no couple planning their own wedding ever has to plan alone. I'll be with you every step of the way, and if you like, we can talk about your wedding on the group wedding planning phone calls. If you can't make a call, simply submit your questions in advance and listen to the recording later on.
How long do I have access?
You will have access to the materials and group wedding planning calls from now until your wedding.
How much time will this take?
The time it will take depends on where you are in your planning. Considering that most people spend between 200-500 hours planning their wedding, Feel the Wedding Day Love helps speed up the process by showing you exactly what you need to do and when.
Is this a cookie cutter wedding day plan?
No, you'll walk away with a completely unique wedding day plan for your specific wedding.
When will I get access to Feel the Wedding Day Love ?
As soon as you enroll, you will receive access to all the wedding planning materials.
How does the cost compare to traditional wedding coordination services?
The industry standard suggested pricing for "wedding day management" is $3,500. My in-person wedding coordination services start at $1,875, which I keep as low as possible to help couples having budget-friendly weddings. There are definitely lower-priced coordination options that I discuss in the program. Feel the Wedding Day Love is not a substitute for coordination, but if you are saving money by hiring a less experienced coordinator or recruiting a volunteer, it's smart to use Feel the Wedding Day Love to make sure your coordinator or point person is truly ready to go for your wedding day.
What's the risk?
Feel the Wedding Day Love has a 100% Happiness Guarantee. If you use the system and do not feel like your wedding is happier because of it, then we'll provide a 100% refund. We ask that you submit your full wedding day plan if requesting a refund. Once you submit your wedding day plan and we confirm that you used the materials as instructed, then we will issue you 100% refund.
I'm a wedding coordinator. Can I use Feel the Wedding Day Love with my clients?
Yes, you can use Feel the Wedding Day Love to supplement your services. Licenses are available for wedding coordinators who would like to use the program with their clients. Contact us at info@diyweddingmentor.com.
I own a venue, caterering, or photography company. Can my couples use Feel the Wedding Day Love?
Yes, Feel the Wedding Day Love is perfect for vendors looking to help clients who don't have wedding planners. Contact us at info@diyweddingmentor for the options available.
Have another question?
Just email us at info@diyweddingmentor.com. We're happy to help!


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